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A short video on understanding our democratic rights. Understand the difference between the executive, legislative and judicial including How is a government elected? Who elects whom? What are your rights as a citizen?
“It is actually not that complicated to register. Learn about how to register and how IVBI is here to help.”
“Learn more about the All-India Inter-College Competition on Voter Registration and how your college can participate”
“If you are not registered soon (before December 31, 2013), there is a high possibility you will not be able to vote in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.”
“Myths versus reality - Dispel some basic myths about voting”
You can help in any of the following ways,
  • Step 1. Get yourself registered!
  • Step 2. Get 20 of your friends and family registered
  • Step 3. Ask your building / club / office if they will allow IVBI volunteers to come and do a registration drive
  • Step 4. Volunteer for time to help others register
  • Step 5. Donate to IVBI - we are all volunteers but we still need to print forms and travel around the city - we have a lot of people to register