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Q.1) I am registering for the first time. Where do I begin?

You should begin by checking if you meet the eligibility criteria for voter registration. If you are eligible to vote, click on this link ( to know the registration process and get started!

Q.2) What documents do I need to register for the first time?

If you are registering for the first time, you will need an address proof and an age proof and photo identity proof document, apart from your filled voter registration form.

Q.3) I am a college student, what documents do I need to register?

If you are a college student residing in your college hostel / mess and do not have an ordinary address proof document, you will have to get a Student Declaration Form signed by your college dean/principal/registrar and submit it along with your voter registration form. Besides, you will also need to submit an age proof document.

If you are a college student NOT residing in hostel, you need to submit an ordinary address proof document and an age proof document, like other first time voters.

Q.4) I am a college student studying outside my native city. Should I register from my place of study or from my native place?

It is always advisable that you register from your college since this is where you are likely to be for most time of the year. This will make sure that there is a very little likelihood of your missing an election during the year!

However, you are eligible to register from either of the places - your place of study or your native place.

Q.5) I have just turned 18, Can I register to vote?

You can register if you are 18 years or older as on 1st January of the year when the electoral rolls are getting prepared. Currently, this will be 1st January, 2013.

Therefore, if you have completed 18 years of age after 1st January 2013, you can apply for your name to be listed on the electoral rolls getting released on or after 1st January 2014.

If you are going to complete 18 years of age after 1st January 2014, you are not eligible to register for voting for the upcoming general elections in February 2014.

Q.6) As a constituency leader, would I be submitting bulk forms ?

Yes. This is possible in 2 cases:

    a) You can submit bulk forms of people in the same college or

    b) You can submit bulk forms of people in the same society

An additional document will be required in this case, the principal letterhead for colleges and/or the secretary letterhead for the societies

Bulk forms can also be submitted of people from the same company but this requires the permission of the ERO. Only if the ERO permits for the particular company can the bulk forms be submitted

Q.7) What is the eligibility for voting in the 2014 Lok sabha elections?

Ans: 1. A person has to be a citizen of India by birth

    2. A person has to be 18 yrs of age before 1st January 2014

    3. A person has to be living in his area of residence for atleast 6 months

Q.8) If someone is staying on rent, how do I get her proof of residence?

Ans: The person has to attach the NOC letter from the landowner with his/her rent agreement

Q.9) If someone has changed his/her address and is registered on the old address E.g. if someone has shifted from Delhi to Gujarat and is registered in Delhi, what forms does he/she needs to fill?

Ans: For any change in constituency (inter-state or intra-state), you will need to fill 2 forms. Form 7 (with the old address) to delete his/her name from the old constituency and Form 6(with new address) to register as a new registration in the new constituency. Both the forms need to be submitted to the ERO of the new constituency OR the person can go back to his/her old address to vote.

Q.10) I have heard that while submitting the voter application one must also attach photocopy of Voter ID card of parents/siblings. How does that help?

Answer: Yes it is strongly recommended that you attach a photo copy of your parents/siblings because it helps the election commission to identify that people at this given residential address are already registered hence very likely that they will not do the residence verification for you. Your application gets processed much faster and smoothly compared to normal application.